Karalynn spent most of her childhood in a country where she didn't speak the language, and instead of sensibly learning it, buried herself in books. Thanks to the shortage of reading material in English, she began penning her own tales. She discovered her identity as a romance writer when the characters in her stories invariably began pursuing love interests instead of focusing on the plot.

She lives in Silicon Valley and camouflages herself as a geek, writing code by day and fiction by night. Between, she's as likely to be found at the symphony as in a pub watching football — either kind. (Be warned, she's a beer snob.)

Her favorite authors include Patricia McKillip, for her heart-breakingly lyrical descriptions and touches of subtle humor; Barbara Hambly, for her sensical — and therefore all the more compelling — characters and settings; and Roger Zelazny, for his zany worlds and lean prose.

Her love for the semicolon sometimes must be forcibly restrained.

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