You can reach me by email at for any queries, concerns, or effusive praise. I actually also appreciate frank, articulate comments about what didn't work about my writing, if you're bold enough to send them my way.

Some questions I've gotten:

Would you please send me a free copy of your book so I can review it?

It'd be great if you could email me and let me know which format you prefer, and where you generally post your reviews. If it looks like my work might not be a good fit for you, I may say so. (A reviewer of children's books once contacted me about one of my more sensual novellas; while I'm fine with people who read both — I do — this blog didn't seem like the best place for one of my books to be mentioned.) I'd also love a link to the review once it's up, even if it's negative. One of my favorite reviews actually falls under this category. (To be honest, some of my least favorite reviews do as well, but hey, you can't win 'em all.)

I reviewed your book! Do you want the link?

Sure, and thank you. However, while I shamelessly read all reviews of my work that I can find, both positive and negative, I try not to comment publicly on them in order to avoid stifling reader discussion. If you say something particularly nice, I may quote parts of your review on my own site, and in those cases I do link to the full review for context.

Will you participate in this marketing opportunity?

I'm a low-key kind of gal with no social networking presence, but I'm happy to answer interview questions or write a guest blog post. I tend not to engage in any group promotions or blind reciprocal practices because I only like to tout works I've actually read and can honestly recommend. (The main obstacle is the first part: my reading queue is as long as a giraffe's neck.)

Can I get downloadable versions of your free reads?

I'm working on adding PDF files of all my free reads, slowly but surely. If there's a different format you'd prefer, let me know.

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