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This round of updates was brought to you by the letter K on October 11th, 2012.

"Unsilenced" is now available to read online for free in the Fourth Anniversary Double Issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, alongside three other stories. BCS is a class act that will also allow you to download the entire issue in PDF, MOBI PRC, and EPUB formats, as well as purchase from the Kindle Store — it's well worth checking out this and previous (and future!) issues if you like literary adventure fantasy (a subgenre that fits a surprisingly broad range).

I was thrilled to pieces by Keith's review of my story at Adventures Fantastic:

This story reminded me very much of Patrica A. McKillip's work, and she's one of my favorites. This was a complex, moving story about the ways we destroy what we love by trying to hold onto it. The characters, the young Empress and her brother as well as the mages, are fully flawed and fully realized people. There's a depth and complexity to the story, the themes, and the characters that you usually don't see in short fiction.

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