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This round of updates was brought to you by the letter K on October 29th, 2012.


Carina Press just put out another one of my ebooks, this time a sweet romantic fantasy. Heart of the Dragon's Realm has received reviews by both people who thought the fantasy element was slight (it's true, it lurks for a while), and by folks who don't particularly care for romance but took a chance on this one because it's fantasy. I like to think that means I hit just the right intersection, and I'm glad of the opportunity to reach some readers who might not be interested in my more explicit romances.

Although this story centers around Kimri — a rebellious princess — and Tathan — the reclusive king who offers her an unexpected sense of belonging — I was fond enough of one of the minor characters to feature her in an entire one-paragraph epilogue. (Best enjoyed after reading the book.)

Where to buy it:
Carina Press (DRM-free EPUB) · · · Barnes & Noble · All Romance eBooks

It's also out as an audio book at

For those hoping for something with more sensuality, rest assured I'm hard at work on a pair of stories set in the world of Demon's Fall.

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