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This round of updates was brought to you by the letter K on March 12th, 2014.

Long-awaited mid-March updates

Back Across the Styx is a DABWAHA finalist!

2014Nominee-DABWAHA Amidst illness, day job deadlines, and preparation for upcoming travel, I got some unexpected good news: Back Across the Styx is a finalist in the novella category for the annual DABWAHA competition, run by two of the biggest romance sites in the blogosphere. Here I flaunt the graphic to prove the nomination's all official. I've also lowered the price of the ebook, to help other people who share my instinct to buy up all the finalists. (I think I'm supposed to trash talk them, but it's hard to do so with a straight face when I want to read them! Let's just say that my book most assuredly has the largest undead army of Greek soldiers in its category, and leave it at that.)

Current works in progress

I'm hoping to return to this space soon with news about an actual 2014 release — I've been working diligently on the novel set in Hellsgate, which is stretching into my longest work so far, and I've got a couple of short stories making the rounds. Here's the beginning of a science fiction piece, complete with damaged hero and a hint of romance:

They told him to go to Shipyard 4 to see the Necromancer, and the place did look like a graveyard of ships: hulls split open like ribcages, engine parts as scattered as stardust, a tangled labyrinth of circuitry, a leaning stack of metal wings stripped from now-flightless vessels. When he saw the Necromancer, for a moment he thought she’d been scavenged from the pieces as well, with a cybernetic eye to contrast with the warm brown of the other, and a metal hand extended in greeting.

“Is that your ship?” she asked as he automatically took her hand and shook it. It had been an expert job; her fingers pressed against his with just the right amount of pressure.

He glanced back over his shoulder at the Razi, scarred and scorched so badly her markings were nearly indistinguishable. He knew how the ship must feel.

Tentative tweeting

And for slightly more frequent updates, I'm experimenting to see if I can manage coherent 140-character thoughts on Twitter, @karalynnlee.

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