cover art by Kanaxa

an erotic fantasy romance novella

At Prince Kaen's court, Ryuan holds a place of honor...and fear. He is wolf-born, and although he uses his shifter abilities to hunt down criminals who threaten the realm, he is considered more beast than man. Only in the chase and killing of outlaws is he truly free to be himself.

While tracking a rogue sorcerer, he encounters Calanthe, who not only is unafraid of him, but dares to tease him. Intrigued — and unaware that she, too, is driven by a purpose — he offers her a drink of water from his hands. It is an offer of more than a simple sip.

Calanthe accepts, for she has been sent by the sorcerer to distract Ryuan however she can, even with her body. Instead she finds herself giving in to the urge to make this grim warrior smile, then to something deeper. A summer of romance, rain and lovemaking.

When Ryuan awakes to find he has lost both her and the sorcerer's trail, he lets his wolf-born side loose with renewed determination. He will serve his prince and kill this sorcerer once and for all. But now, his true prey is Calanthe.

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Kaen and Melea first meet in the short story "Fall, Falling, Fallen."

There are some scattered author's notes.


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